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NOS Searchlight made by Crouse-Hinds Company Syracuse NY


Vintage NOS Searchlight with Low Base Pedestal and 360- degree rotation pilothouse control, made by the Crouse-Hinds Company Syracuse, NY

This Searchlight is over 70+ years old, you will never find a Searchlight in this kind of condition unless it is in a Museum. Great for restoring your vintage WWII Era Naval Vessel or just to put in your man cave, on top of your house, business, night club, dance floor, ect.

This searchlight has been untouched, (except I bought a T 20 bulb, and installed a 110volt plug on it) it is just the way I bought it 18+ years ago, it has little surface rust from 70+ years of storage  as you can see in the pictures.

Type DCX-18

Cat. No. 44266X

Lamp 1000 Watts

Bulb T 20

Serial No. 1547

According to Customer Service Representative at Eaton's Crouse-Hinds, this searchlight was made in the 30's or 40's, and it was used for many applications requiring searchlight with high lumen outlet. These searchlights have been known to been used on Naval vessels in WWII