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What Was On The Rotisserie

1990 Bally Dr.Dude (Customers)

This game is not Elkhart Pinball’s.

This game belongs a customer who paid top dollar from a out of state internet pinball company about 2

months ago. He is not happy at all with the condition it was delivered in.


A letter from the owner of this game.


After searching for a specific machine, over an extended period, I found the game I wanted for a slightly

elevated price. After investigating the company and the Game as best I could...

I purchased the machine out of state. After setup and initial play.....a fuse blew.

I called John Freel of the Elkhart Pinball Company. After an evaluation we found the "rehab" done was strictly cosmetic.

He did the best he could on site so my family could play over an upcoming holiday weekend. But after a couple

months problems continued. It was clear he needed to take it to his shop. My machine is the Doctor Dude seen

on this website.

It's my opinion the gamers of Northern Indiana are fortunate to have a dedicated craftsman to tend to our machines.

It's been my experience John does his best weather or not he's being watched. That's the difference between a

mechanic and a craftsman!!! I highly recommended him, if you have a question on your game, he'll give you an

honest opinion on it's repair.

Terry Gates


Here is what we found that was wrong with this game;

Switches don't work, lamp matrix has a short, pop bumpers that don't pop unless hit hard, ball poppers with worn out coil sleeves, that made it hard for the popper to shoot strait up, ball gets stuck on ramp, game goes into a ball search mode often,  flippers hang up in up position when magnet is energized, GI lamps don't work, screw heads that are striped out, used wrong size and type of screws, washers, and nuts, flippers that were wore out, (which the company did pay to have them rebuilt, when it was first delivered) Mix Master don't work because motor got stuck, the ball through runway gate was broken, drop targets goes down slowly, GI wires soldered directly to top and bottom of the Backbox Interconnect Board, and not even repaired. The plastic post that were used were wrong color and size (too tall) the screw only had a couple of threads into the wood to hold it in place, if a ball would hit one of those posts hard, it would of pulled out of the playfield taking out chunks of wood along with it. The pivot bolt the allows the playfield to be raised up and down, on left side the nut had fallen off, and bolt was leaning down, and right side the nut was loose. The back box flasher #11 did not work because the wire broke off and they just wrapped it around the wire harness and left it disconnected.

For the money the customer paid the internet company, all of this should of all been fixed before it was shipped.

This company should be embarrassed to have sold a game in this conditioned, at the price they sold it for.

He wants Elkhart Pinball to Repair It Right

Elkhart Pinball will give this game a complete check up, we will remove all playfield plastic, ramps, light bulbs and posts, everything removed will be cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaner, clean the playfield, polish it, and then reassemble the game, replace all screws that have striped screws heads, check all switches for proper adjustment including the pop bumpers, install new light bulbs, repair and check all lamp matrix, make sure they work properly, which should have been done before it has shipped by that internet seller. The 3 AAA Batteries will be removed and converted over to 1 lithium battery, so no more leaking batteries, repair the General Illumination with new plugs and board pin connections, the way it should of been repaired.

We can do as little or as much to a  pinball machine, what ever the customer wants.








Wires soldered to the bottom of the Backbox Interconnect Board      Wires soldered to the top of Backbox Interconnect Board

This customer is on oxygen, and an electrical short or fire inside of this game would of been not good.


This G.I. connection was never repaired, it got so hot that the pin

on theBackbox Interconnect Boardcame out with the plug

Ramp to close to plastic stand off and ball gets stuck on it.

Screw doesn't belong on top of post, and is scraping plastic to

Mix Master, and motor can't turn causing Mix Master not to work.


Backbox Interconnect Board before and REPAIRED the proper way !!!



                                  REPAIRED                                                        REPAIRED

  Wires soldered to the bottom of the Backbox Interconnect Board     Back side                    


             REPAIRED                       REPAIRED                          REPAIRED


    Wires soldered to the top of Backbox Interconnect Board                                       


                        REPAIRED                                                                   REPAIRED


This G.I. connection was never repaired, it got so hot that the pin

on the Backbox Interconnect Board came out with the plug      

                REPAIRED                                       REPAIRED


This game was reconditioned by the internet company using wrong star post (size and color), screws, and warshers. I had to use a tap to rethread most of the metal post holes in order to put the right screw back in.



These taller blue posts were just barely being held in place by a couple of threads, because the screws

were meant to hold a shorter size post in place. NOT GOOD


This metal post was held in place with the wrong size screw a #6  screw with a nut under the flayfield,

when it should of been a #8 screw and tighten in the T nut that you can see in the picture. The post

was not held in place firm, and moved all over and rounded out the playfield. NOT GOOD


The ball through runway gatebroken                                                        New one installed


The playfield pivot bold nut fell off, and bolt leaning downward. Pivot bracket ridding on bolt

instead of metal spacer.    



This playfield was not very dirty, but since I had it all tore down, to repair all the above,

it was cleaned and polished again.

                BEFORE                                       AFTER





The customer bought this game for his grandkids to play,

He asked to have the return lanes blocked, so they can play longer.

Now it is time to check and adjust all the switches and check the lamp matrix out,

and find the short that it had in it. The CPU has already been checked out and the short was not in it.

So it is in a lamp socket or a solder splash on the wire harness.


The back box flasher #11 did not work because the wire broke off and they just wrapped it around

the wire harness and left it disconnected.

                           Before                                                                           Repaired


           Before      Rewind the colored spring wires to make it look like NEW again        After


           Before      Rewind the colored spring wires to make it look like NEW again        After


                       Reconditioned                                                         Reconditioned







Thanks for looking

John Freel

Elkhart Pinball Inc.

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