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   1997 Williams No Good Gofers (Customers)

This game is not Elkhart Pinball’s. This game belongs to an coin operator that wanted his pinball machine to be given a complete check up. We will remove all playfield plastic, ramps, bands, light bulbs, clean everything removed in the ultrasonic cleaner, clean the playfield, polish it, and then reassemble the game, check all switches for proper adjustment, install new bands, balls, light bulbs, check all the bulbs to make sure there are no shorts in the lamp matrix. Then I will reassemble the ramps and check switches and lamps again to make sure they work properly.

Hand filed ball dents out of the ball trough assembly, so balls roll down freely. Replaced with new 2 flipper assembly. Cleaned and repaired the 2 gofers to work properly. (2 lift catch’s, 2 residual plates, 1 roll pin) Repaired the audio visual board to stop the display roll. (replaced C-28 and C-42) Replaced the shooter spring to green to give it more power. (so the ball can make it up the left ramp when the ball is shot) Repair the left metal lane guide, and apron back the way it should be. (metal lane guided was bunt up, and apron was bent forward shoving it in to left return lane) Put game back to a 6-1/2° pitch ( it was about 8° +) by putting the front leg levelers back on. (1 was found in bottom of box) Repaired left plastic ramp in 2 places. Repaired white pop bumper (new white skirt, metal yoke and metal ring with rod) Replaced 1 red twist on flasher dome. (it was melted) Installed new post on right side of slam ramp, and put a piece of pool table felt under side of the slam ramp so it doesn't hit the playfield so hard coming back down.

He did not want a complete tare down, or  reconditioning, he just want it to look nice and play as if it

just came from factory. We can do as little or as much to a  pinball machine what ever the customer


Before     RECONDITIONING        After

Thanks for looking

John Freel

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