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What Was On The Rotisserie

1990 Williams Whirlwind (Customers)

New Playfield and Reconditioning

02-25-24   -   03-14-24

It was given a complete check up and Top Of The Line Reconditioning, we remove all playfield plastic, ramps, light bulbs and posts, clean everything removed in the ultrasonic cleaner.

Then reassemble everthing on to The New playfield with lots of New Parts Installed = Playfield, Playfield Plastic Set, 3 Complete Flipper Assembles, 3 Flipper Bats, 4 Pop Bumper ring with rods, all Coil Sleeves replaced, One stand up Target, 7 T Nuts, Perfectplay Silicone Rubber Ring Kit, Cliffy Colored Post Protectors, All Star Post's Replaced, All Coil Sleeves Replaced, Repair Fan Motor

Every thing removed was cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaner.

Then we check all switches for proper adjustment, check all the bulbs to make sure there are no shorts in the lamp matrix.

Then we will reassemble the ramp,and check switches and lamps again to make sure they work properly.

Welded Right Schoop Brocken weld, Had to make templates for all screws going into top side of playfield (had no dimples).

New Rottendog MPU



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