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The Pinball Recondition Process

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Step 1: Our technician removes all of the parts from the top of a playfield (plastics, light bulbs, rubber, ramps, assemblies, posts, wire guides, the only thing left are the jet bumpers, and some time side rails). All switches, targets, slingshots, ect. are dropped down below the playfield on multi-level playfields.

Step 2: All plastics and parts from playfield are thoroughly cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaner so that colors are crisp and vibrant.

Step 3: All ramps are completely removed, and cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaner .

Step 4: Playfield is cleaned and waxed with Novus 2 cleaner. With everything off I use a small air polisher to clean and polish the playfield for a vibrant shine.

Step 5: Brand new rubbers are installed on the playfield, flippers, posts, slingshots etc.

Step 6: Brand new light bulbs, flashers and strobes are installed in the playfield and backbox, all light bulbs (44-47-67-89-906-555) are replaced whether they need it or not!

Step 7: All switches, targets, slingshots, are cleaned adjusted and reinstalled to the playfield. Then our technician test all switches and solenoids for proper adjustments.

Step 8: All ball troughs underneath the playfield are taken off and cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaner and reinstalled.

Step 9: All lamp board PCB's are cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaner, checked and tested. New bulbs are installed in all lamp PCB's.

Step 10: Brand new pinball’s are installed in every game.

Step 11: Game and machine components are thoroughly play tested to make sure it functions according to original factory specifications.


                        BEFORE              AFTER


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